Whether you’re a novice home cook or a seasoned chef, the free Escoffier Cook’s Companion mobile app is one you’ll want to keep on your iOS devices for easy reference. Recently featured in Wired magazine as one of the eight best cooking apps for chefs, Cook’s Companion offers several tools that will make your life in the kitchen easier, richer, and more productive.

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The app has several functions: a converter, a timer, an equipment glossary with photos, an ingredients list, a general culinary glossary, and “My Escoffier,” which leads prospective students to our partner Escoffier Online and more apps by the Futura Group, which produced the app.

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The converter can easily change temperature measurements from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa. It does the same for grams and ounces, liquids, and length.

You may have a physical kitchen timer, but can you set it for multiple times simultaneously to help you cook multiple dishes for a meal? This one can. Plus, you have a choice of half a dozen sounds to use, including bells, buzzer, chime, doorbell, triangle, and wind chimes. Cook's Companion4

The ingredients glossary ranges from Adzuki beans to zucchini, with categories, storage temperatures, an overview, menu uses, quality signs, and purchase specs–with a photo of the ingredient for reference. Don’t know what coral lettuce is? How about poori, poppadrums, schinkenwurst, vongole, wombok, or Yabby (hint, a freshwater crustacean in Australia)? This app has you covered and then some.

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You’ll also get a good overview of kitchen equipment from aprons to a workbench, with photos, that includes usage, OH&S, cleaning, and storage.

Finally, there’s a glossary that includes ingredients, equipment, and cooking terms. This could actually use some visual help, but I assume that photos will be added here. Have trouble with pronouncing foreign terms? Press the volume sign and you’ll hear the pronunciation.

So far the app is available for iOS systems–iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Download this app and let us know what you think. What are some of your favorite food apps?

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