We’re always hawking you about marketing your business and past posts have talked about different ways in which you can strategize. But sometimes an opportunity just falls in your lap. How do you take advantage of it?

Kathy Dederich of ChefPlease in Arkansas is the most perfect example of this. I saw a post she put up on Facebook to a YouTube link that turned out to be a video featuring her at the Bentonville Farmers Market. No, she didn’t create it. it was a man named Rick Patanella, whom she met a couple of years ago when he was doing demos at the local Sam’s Club. Like Kathy and her husband Dan, it turned out he had also lived in Chicago.

So, here’s how this came about, according to Kathy:

“I buy virtually all our produce at the Bentonville Farmers Market, except for what I can get out of my garden. There is a wide array of produce that I had never heard of before, so I love to hear and learn what the vendors are selling and experiment. Anyhow, I ran into Rick at the Farmers Market this summer and found out he has struck out on his own. When Rick mentioned he was planning on doing some videos of different market vendors, he asked me if I’d be interested in being interviewed as well.  Naturally, I said yes.”

Patanella filmed Kathy shopping at the market and recorded a voice over of her talking about shopping there and–importantly–about her business. So now she has a terrific vehicle for sharing and promoting her business. So what’s she doing with it?

“I’ve posted it to my Facebook pages, pages I belong to, and LinkedIn. I was just thinking that maybe I can forward it to a few of our local newspapers to see if there is any interest in them doing a piece on this and incorporating some of the other vendors as well. There is a local realtor who saw it. She has a rather extensive page listing vendors/service providers in Bella Vista (where we live).  I’m already listed on that, but she wants to incorporate the video on my listing as well.

“At this point, I’m not really sure if this will bring in any business, but it certainly can’t hurt.  I subscribe to the Steven Covey philosophy…sew and then ye shall reap.  I am always looking for ways to put things into the pipeline.”

And, of course, we at APPCA are promoting here and on social media.

Now don’t you want to see this masterpiece?

How are you marketing your personal chef business? How about trying video?

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