APPCA members who wish to learn classic culinary techniques or polish and perfect cooking skills may receive valuable training through the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy (an official APPCA partner) at $1,000 off the full tuition fee—from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

AND … you may enroll with a down payment of only $195.00 and take an additional TWO YEARS to pay the balance! Once you make your down payment, Escoffier Online will charge your credit card monthly in equal installments for the next 24 months. With no interest!

That’s right: Because you’re a member of the APPCA in good standing, you may receive the comprehensive online cooking-training package through Escoffier Online for only $2,995.00. That’s a savings of 25%! AND you may pay the balance in monthly installments over two years. But this offer is only good if you enroll between now and Dec. 31, 2012.

Escoffier Online Culinary Training

EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT—Learn at Your Own Pace and Become Escoffier Certified!
This offer is the latest, exceptional benefit of membership EXCLUSIVELY from the American Personal & Private Chef Association—the nation’s leading and pioneering professional organization of personal chefs.

The Escoffier Online program focuses on the building blocks of cooking, with core courses covering culinary basics, groundwork and essentials. Each course includes a series of interactive learning modules addressing topics including basic knife skills, stock and mother-sauce preparation, braising and roasting, and much more. Every module culminates with an assessment that includes a self-evaluation, recipe preparation and one-on-one mentor review.

The program is designed to take two to four months. And all you need is a desktop computer or laptop with Internet access and your own kitchen from where to work.

Additionally, Escoffier Online’s on-demand, interactive platform offers unique features for your professional development. With 24/7 access to lessons and support, you can continuously work on perfecting techniques and share ideas, tips and questions with fellow classmates in an inviting, collaborative online environment. You will also begin building your customized online portfolio the instant you enroll, with details on completed coursework and skills, images of successful dishes, comments from chef mentors and more. For more info about the program, visit

Upon completion of the program, you’ll become Escoffier Certified with a diploma signed by Michel Escoffier, great grandson of Georges Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935), known as the “king of chefs and the chef of kings.”

Don’t delay! This extraordinary EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO APPCA MEMBERS is only good until the end of 2012. To be eligible for this offer, just contact the APPCA to register either by calling (800) 644-9389 or sending an e-mail with your name, address and telephone number to If you are not sure about your current status as an APPCA member, or if you need to renew for one year at only $175, contact us by phone or e-mail.

Save BIG at a greatly reduced tuition fee and receive classic training delivered in a contemporary, cutting-edge format via this effective and fast-growing culinary-arts program, and reach ultimate business success in 2013!

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Caron Golden


Founder of premier organization of personal chefs inspires students to follow their dreams of culinary entrepreneurship.

Candy Wallace, executive director of the American Personal & Private Chef Association (APPCA), today was recognized by Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies as its 33rd Distinguished Guest Chef.

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