An Alternative to Table Scraps? Enter the YaffBar

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One doesn’t often hear of food for human consumption that’s also healthy for dogs. Mudd+Wyeth, a South Hero, Vt.-based specialty-goods company founded by Chef Mark Brooks, has launched the world’s first nutritional energy bars for people and pups to share: the YaffBar™. The lightweight YaffBars are made from all-natural ingredients that are free of wheat, dairy, caffeine and refined sugar.

As a classically trained chef from England, the food industry always played a large role in Brooks’ life. As a dog lover, he longed for a nutritionally safe snack that he could share with his dogs. Week after week he used his skills as a professional chef to fiddle about in his kitchen developing countless energy-bar recipes.

Yaff bars lorez

“I wanted an energy bar that was convenient for all of us, all the time,” says Brooks. “YaffBars are healthy, taste great and are 100% safe to share with your dog. What could be better?” “Yaff” is an old English word meaning “to bark,” according to Brooks.

YaffBars are currently available in three flavors: Banana Peanut Butter, Honey Almond Cranberry and Blueberry Carob. Each YaffBar is hand-baked with nutritional ingredients that appeal to both human and canine palates.

The bars are also approved by Dr. Ryan Canales, veterinarian and owner of Long Trail Veterinary Center in Williston, Vt. “Having a light, dog-friendly, nutritional snack like the YaffBar is a great way to ensure constant energy for our four-legged friends to help keep us going on our outdoor adventures,” Canales says.

Mudd+Wyeth donates a portion of each YaffBar sale to Golden Huggs Rescue, a Vermont-based nonprofit canine-rescue organization, which has helped the company establish a strong connection with the local community.

YaffBars are available through select U.S. retailers. For more info, visit

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