Agenda Highlighted for 2013 Personal Chef Summit

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2013 Summit at Stratford U

2013 APPCA Personal Chef Summit


(as of 8/20/13)



“The Four P’s of Success: Passion, Personal, Proficiency and Profit”

As personal chefs, our jobs require creativity, nerves of steel, passion, focus, good physical health, business savvy, etc. Add up all the hours spent on marketing, crafting proposals, visiting first-time customers, exploring party venues, shopping, cooking and delivering our pallet of services, and what we’re earning per hour translates into considerably less than what we expected when we started our businesses. Don’t we deserve to bring home (and keep) more hard-earned income?

Chef Bernard HenryBernard Henry, owner of Chef Bernard, LLC, serving metropolitan Washington, D.C., agrees with the APPCA that the personal-chef industry is on the cusp of skyrocketing, resulting in more people and companies seeking and paying for our services. How do we reinvent ourselves to ride that phenomenal wave coming our way? What can we do better to reap higher benefits and income?

Capitalizing on his own success with his business, Henry (who works only 10 months of the year) will reveal how personal chefs can envision—and realize—a six-figure PROFIT, achieved by being more selective and focused without diminishing drive and passion for cooking. He’ll address effective marketing tactics and strategy, weekly menu development, shopping, job organization, renting a commercial kitchen, storage, cooking, portioning, labeling, delivering, invoicing, producing a weekly P&L, and follow-up with customers. And, how to say no to customers who don’t fit your business plan. Additionally, Henry will reveal how he gradually increased his weekly income without compromising or detracting from the promise of “personal” in his job title … and his life.

Presenter—Bernard Henry, chef/owner, Chef Bernard, LLC


  • “How to Grow Your Business with Technology” by Triumph Higher Education Group and Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy
  • Special Presentation by Thomas McNulty, Personal Certified Executive Chef (PCEC), United States Navy
  • Pesticides and Produce (tentative)




“Hello, Habits, Happiness, and Healing”

Dr. Fred MayoWe face daily challenges that represent opportunities about how we want to see and live our lives. Our bodies and minds set patterns that might have helped us in the past and that might have also left ways of doing things that are no longer useful or effective. In this session, we will learn how we are hard-wired, in our nervous systems, to experience the world in certain ways and how we can change that wiring and liberate ourselves to have a happier and more fulfilling life. We will learn new ways to say hello to persons, experiences and ourselves; examine ways we can change our current habits; and expand the happiness in our lives.

We can heal and change.  Come learn what the newest research says and find out ways to expand the joy in your life, even with all the ups and downs and daily challenges.

PresenterDr. Fred Mayo, principal, Mayo Consulting Services, Inc.; former clinical professor, Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management, New York University; and author, Planning an Applied Research Project in Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports (Wiley, 2013)


“Buffets and Banquets: How to Please a Crowd”

So, you’ve got your meal-service cook jobs down to a science now, that’s great! Then one day, one of your clients asks you to cook for a 70th birthday party for 80 to 100 people. Or you’ve been asked by a client to cater an annual office holiday reception for 150? Now what?

Chef April Lee     Which dishes work best on a buffet? What doesn’t work? What kind of equipment is needed? How much food do you need? How to best display your food for a buffet? In this breakout session, Chef April Lee will answer these questions and more, and will give you invaluable guidelines and tips on how to successfully execute large events. Lee’s 20+ years as a professional events and meetings planner for national trade associations in the broadcasting industry combined with her culinary experience gives her a unique perspective and understanding for carrying out large events and how to please a crowd.

Presenter—April Lee, chef/owner, Tastefully Yours, Ellicott City, Md., and president, Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the APPCA.

 Cook Like a Star Chef in Your Clients’ Kitchens

Based on his own success as a personal chef servicing a vast array of client types coupled with his prior career as an executive chef, Bernard Henry of Chef Bernard, LLC, serving metropolitan Washington, D.C. (and host of a soon-to-debut PBS cooking series), will wow participants in this breakout session with some fun, marketable and—most important—flavorful cooking and presentation techniques that will inspire personal chefs to impress their clients.

Demonstrations will include the art of “anything” tartar (seafood, meat, vegetarian, vegan) and the use of out-of-the-box presentation ideas; herb and garlic mussels, an alternative to classic escargot to introduce clients to this delectable shellfish; soups as cocktail foods and appetizers “cappuccino style,” such as gazpacho with anchovy-infused foam; and transforming a whole pineapple into a beautiful and delicious salt-crusted pineapple with orange-vanilla Grand Marnier syrup, green-tea ice cream and ground pistachio.

Presenter—Bernard Henry, chef/owner, Chef Bernard, LLC

 “From Snapshots to Great Shots: Styling and Photographing Your Culinary Creations”

What do scrap lumber, aluminum foil and foam project boards all have in common? Answer:  These items can all be used to create professional-looking photographs for your website, blog and marketing materials. It’s important that chefs learn how to photograph their food because IT IS THE PRODUCT THEY PRODUCE.

Chef Carol Borchardt     Chef Carol Borchardt’s culinary creations are featured on a biweekly basis in the food section of Memphis’ newspaper, The Commercial Appeal. Along with developing recipes and writing the column, Borchardt styles and photographs each dish for the feature.

In this breakout session, learn how you can style your food and take great photos with a minimal investment in supplies and equipment. Borchardt will cover lighting basics, basic camera settings, composition and tricks used by professionals to create mouthwatering photos.

Presenter—Carol Borchardt, chef/owner, A Thought For Food Personal Chef Service, Memphis, Tenn.; columnist, “Dinner for Two,” The Commercial Appeal; author, A Recipe Portrait, The Ramczyk – Platta Collection of Recipes; and 2010 APPCA Personal Chef of the Year

 “Power and Positive Energy of Planning”

Many of us develop to do lists (other than MEP and shopping lists) and even create strategic plans for our businesses and our lives. Those plans, however, often become great notebooks and files, but not part of our daily lives. A plan can be a creative act, and planning can become a growing process. In this workshop, we will learn new ways to plan and drop some old patterns that make us feel guilty or ashamed about what we don’t get done.

Plans and lists can become our friends and not our enemies; learning to use them creatively can to help liberate us from the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” dynamic and introduce a new approach to planning and doing.

PresenterDr. Fred Mayo, principal, Mayo Consulting Services, Inc.


  • Cooking for Special Diets by Cheryl Frazier-Trusty, MS, RD, LDN, professor, Stratford University, Baltimore
  • Successful Cooking with Pressure Cookers (tentative)
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